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Robi Minute Offer 2019 | Robi Minute Package 2019 ! Minute Pack

Robi Minute offer 2019. The mobile operator company Robi recently updated Talktime package & Robi minute offer 2019. Great minute offer! Talk to all local operators in a rayette. The minute pack can be used by all customers. Robi 5 minutes pack only 3.04 tk.  Robi is offering the most comet minute pack in Bangladesh.… Read More »

180 Minute @ 99Tk Robi | 99Tk Any Number 180 Minutes – Robi Minute offer

Robi Minute Offer. Robi talk time new offer 2018. 180 minutes for 99 tk  talk time offer. Now Robi subscribers all day talk.  This offer availed by Robi subscribers. Recharge for 180 hours at 99tk. Minute offer validety 7 days. Robi talk time new offer 2018. 180 minutes to recharge 99 taka. Offer details: Bundle minutes… Read More »

Robi 2GB Internet Only 51Tk | Robi 51Tk 2GB Internet

Robi 2 GB internet at only 51 taka. Robi Dhamaka offer is now. Now Robi Customer get 2GB internet at 51Tk. This offer is available for all robi Subscribers.  Receipt of the offer at Robi 2 GB 51, recharge 51 taka [2 GB internet at recharge at Tk 51]. Internet validity is 15 days. To… Read More »

Robi 7GB Internet Only 74Tk | Robi 74Tk 7GB internet offer

Robi 7 GB internet at only 74 tk. Welcome to Robi’s great internet offer. Robi subscribers get to the world of the world. Youtube is a handful of hands Great opportunity to use Youtube all day long.  Robi subscribers up to 74tk of 7 GB internet. To avail this offer, dial * 123 * 074… Read More »