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Airtel Internet Package ! 15GB @197Tk offer | Airtel offer

Airtel great internet offer 2019 ! Currently Airtel customers have done great internet Package. Airtel 15 GB internet data pack is only 197 taka. Welcome to the world on the internet. This pack is Airtel’s regular pack. 15 GB internet can be bought at 197 as much as possible. To active this offer dial *… Read More »

Robi 100MB Internet only 2Tk offer | Robi Net offer 2019 ! Data Pack 2019

Now Robi great internet offer 2019. 100 MB internet pack only 2Tk. Robi In the Bangladeshi mobile operator network, the company has updated the new year’s Internet packet update. Robi customers can enjoy the data pack. To receive the offer, dial * 123 * 053 #. The data pack is valid for two hours. The… Read More »

Robi Internet offer 2019 | Robi 3GB Internet only 41Tk offer

Robi Internet Offer 2019. Now Robi customers get great internet pack. A lot of People use for internet service. Bangladesh telecommunication company every day new internet offer update! Robi Network has given this data pack. Robi 3 GB internet at only 41 takas. All customers of Robi can enjoy this offer. To avail the offer in… Read More »

Robi 1GB Internet Only 30Tk | Robi 30Tk 1GB | Robi Internet offer

Robi 1 GB internet offer. Robi subscribers will get 1 GB internet only 30 Tk.  Best internet pack is now in available.   This offer used by Robi customers. Dial * 21291 * 06 # to take 1 GB internet offer at 30 Tk in Robi. Expiry 7 days. This internet pack is used at… Read More »

Robi Bondho SIM Offer | 10GB 101Tk Internet offer 2018

Robi bondho sim offer. Reactivate yout Robi silent connection and enjoy exciting offer. Return Robi’s 4.5G Network and enjoy 10 GB @ Tk 101 for 15 Day. 5GB for any use 5GB for 4G use only Validity 15 days. To check eligibility, customers can send free SMS from any Robi number in the following format… Read More »

Robi bKash/Roket Recharge 50% Bonus Internet offer – Robi offer 2018

Robi internet offer .  Now, after purchasing any pack by recharge / recharging money from Robi / Robot, bonus up to 50%. This offer is available for Robi subscribers. See details below- Offer Trems: – Robi prepaid customer can get 20% to 50% bonus data by purchasing regular data packs mentioned in any development and… Read More »

Robi 600MB Internet Only 51 Tk ( 7 Day) | Robi Internet Offer

Robi 51tk 600mb internet. Robi Internet Offer.  Now, after purchasing any pack by recharge / recharging money from bkash /Rocet  bonus up to 50%. This offer is available for Robi subscribers. If you recharge 51 Tk from bKash or rocket, you will get 600 MB. To avail the offer, recharge or recharge 51 Tk from… Read More »

Robi 10GB Internet Only 199Tk | Robi 199Tk 10GB Internet | Robi offer

Robi internet offer.  Robi 10 GB internet only 199 Tk. Great internet offer in Robi.  Welcome to Robi Internet world. Robi  get 10 GB internet at 199tk.  take this offer for  Dial * 123 * 0199 #.  Robi 7 GB Internet  used in 3G network and 4GB  Internet use for 4G SIM.  Every GB internet… Read More »

Robi 1GB Internet @ 250MB @ With 100 Minute @ 100SMS 98Tk | Robi 1GB Internet 98Tk

Robi 1Gb Internet only 94tk. Robi MB offer 2018.  1 GB internet at only 98tk.  Robi 250 GB internet with 1 GB internet  & More than 100 minutes @ Talk Time and 100 SMS offers.  This offer is available to all customers of Robi. Take this offer  Dial * 123 * 98 # to or… Read More »

Robi 6GB Internet Only 129Tk | Robi 129Tk 6GB Internet | Robi Internet Offer

Robi 6 GB Internet 129tk.    Robi can get 6 GB internet at only 129 tk .   Take this offer  dial * 123 * 0129 # to avail the offer.  You can use 3gb internet on any SIM and 3gb internet 4g SIM. Internet time is 7 days. To check internet balance, dial *… Read More »

Robi 3GB Internet 20Tk | Robi 20Tk 3GB Internet | Robi Internet offer

Robi Great internet offer .  Robi 3 GB internet at 20 tk.  All customers of Robi can enjoy this offer. Robi will get 3 GB internet offer ” Play Store  By Robi Myplan Apps Download” at 20 taka. Internet offer is valid for 2 days. 6am for 11:19am.  Follow the menus below for how to… Read More »

Robi 4GB Internet 108Tk (7 day) | Robi 108Tk 4GB Internet | Robi Offer

Robi 4 GB Internet 108 Tk.  Robi Internet Offer 2018.  Robi supper  great internet offer.  Robi offers 4 GB internet at only 108 tk.  Robi receives 108 tk from 4 GB of internet for used all customers. For Robi 4 GB 108tk to avail the offer, dial * 123 * 0108 # . Can be… Read More »

Robi 2GB Internet Only 51Tk | Robi 51Tk 2GB Internet

Robi 2 GB internet at only 51 taka. Robi Dhamaka offer is now. Now Robi Customer get 2GB internet at 51Tk. This offer is available for all robi Subscribers.  Receipt of the offer at Robi 2 GB 51, recharge 51 taka [2 GB internet at recharge at Tk 51]. Internet validity is 15 days. To… Read More »