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Grameenphone Bondho SIM 2GB+2GB Internet 17Tk | GP Bondho SIM Offer 2019

Gp bondho sim 2gb internet 17tk . Grameenphone bondho Sim Offer 2019.  All GP off SIM connections will be available on 2 GB + 2 GB internet at only 17. Graminphone will be available at 17 GB with 2 GB internet connection. GP Best Internet Package. গ্রামীনফোন বন্ধ সিম অফার ২০১৯। জিপি সকল বন্ধ সংযোগ… Read More »

Grameenphone 1GB Internet Only 9Tk (28 Day) | GP 9Tk 1GB 2019

Grameenphone 1 GB internet at 9 Tk.  GP Great 1GB Internet Offer 2018.  Now, Grameenphone 9Tk 1GB Internet Buy Dial *5020*2217# or *121*5085# to avail the offer. You can take the offer 4 times. Validity  28 days. I received this offer (Screenshot) . GP Best Internet offer 2019. GP Internet offer 2019 : Active this… Read More »

GP Internet offer 2019 | Grameenphone 2GB Internet 41Tk offer

GP internet offer 2019.  Now, Grameenphone offers great internet pack. GP subscribers get 2 GB internet at Tk 41.  Bangladesh best mobile operator company Grameenphone recently update their are new internet offer 2019. GP internet offer 2019. This offer is available to all GP subscribers. To get this offer dial * 121 * 3242 # Or… Read More »

Grameenphone MyPlan Free 18GB Internet | Gp Free 18GB Internet offer 2019

Grameenphone has 18 GB internet free 2019. New Myplan connection or prepaid to postpaid migration will get 18GB of free internet.  This offer will be available to all Grameenphone subscribers. Grameenphone offers 18 GB free data for the next 6 months, or enjoy prepaid for postpaid migration with this new MIPLON connection! Gp internet offer… Read More »

Grameenphone 1.5 GB Internet 229Tk (28 Day) | GP Internet offer 2018

Grameenphone Internet Offer 2018.  GP customers will get 1.5 GB of internet only at  229Tk.  Grameenphone’s great internet pack Stay in touch with the Elman Network of Bangladesh. Dial * 121 * 3027 # to use the 1.5 GB internet pack in Grameenphone at 299. Internet term is 28 days. The offer can be used… Read More »

Grameenphone 1GB Internet 29Tk | GP Internet offer 2018

Grameenphone 1Gb Internet Offer 2018. Now GP has a great internet offer. Grameenphone 1 GB internet at only 29 taka.  Great Internet Pack at the time. Dial * 5020 * 2213 # to take 1 GB 29 taka. Expiry 24 hours. It’s useful to use the offer at any time. Good download and browsing is… Read More »

Grameenphone 1.5GB Internet 104Tk | GP 104Tk 1.5GB Internet

Gp 1.5gb 104tk. Gp new internet offer.  Grameenphone offers great internet! Now Grameenphone subscribers will get 1.5 GB internet at only 104 taka. This offer can be used by all Grameenphone subscribers. Dial * 121 * 3344 # to avail Grameenphone offer. The offer is valid for 7 days. The offer can be as long… Read More »

Grameenphone 1Paisa-Sec All Operator Only 79Tk

Grameenphone Talk Time Offer. Gp Now all the subscribers will get all the SIM in just 1 paisa / second at just 79 tk. GP  1 paisa / second 79tk. Details: This offer lets customers speak 24 hours between all local numbers.  So customers can enjoy 1 paisa / second for recharge at 79 tk. … Read More »

Grameenphone New SIM 1GB Internet Only 9Tk (10GB) | GP New Sim Offer 2018

Gp new sim offer. Grameenphone new sim 1gb internet 9tk. Grameenphone can get 10 GB Internet connection From 8 May 2018, all new Grameenphone users will be able to enjoy the following offers in pre-paid (Ashifint), Djuice, Unity 1, 3 and Business Solutions 1, 3, 4 (Successful), 5, Friends, Grameenphone Public Phone and Village Phone… Read More »

Grameenphone 2GB Internet Only 36Tk | GP 36Tk 2GB internet

Gp 36tk 2gb internet offer. Now 2GB on Grameenphone is now just 36 Tk. This offer will be available to all the recipients of the Grameenphone. To avail this offer, dial * 5020 * 2214 #. Or recharge 36Tk. 1 GB validity 7 days and bonus 1 GB validity is 1 day.  You can use… Read More »

Grameenphone 500MB Internet only 5Tk | GP 5Tk 500MB Internet

Gp 500mb internet 5tk . Grameenphone offers great internet! GrameenPhone customers get 500 MB internet at just 5 taka. To avail this offer, Grameenphone * 21291 * 05 #. The offer duration is 24 hours. Grameenphone offers this offer 1 time. To know Internet Balance * 121 * 1 * 4 #. Only the Grameenphone… Read More »