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Grameenphone Bondho SIM 2GB+2GB Internet 17Tk | GP Bondho SIM Offer 2019

Gp bondho sim 2gb internet 17tk . Grameenphone bondho Sim Offer 2019.  All GP off SIM connections will be available on 2 GB + 2 GB internet at only 17. Graminphone will be available at 17 GB with 2 GB internet connection. GP Best Internet Package. গ্রামীনফোন বন্ধ সিম অফার ২০১৯। জিপি সকল বন্ধ সংযোগ… Read More »

Grameenphone 1GB Internet Only 9Tk (28 Day) | GP 9Tk 1GB 2019

Grameenphone 1 GB internet at 9 Tk.  GP Great 1GB Internet Offer 2018.  Now, Grameenphone 9Tk 1GB Internet Buy Dial *5020*2217# or *121*5085# to avail the offer. You can take the offer 4 times. Validity  28 days. I received this offer (Screenshot) . GP Best Internet offer 2019. GP Internet offer 2019 : Active this… Read More »

Grameenphone 500MB Internet 5Tk | GP 5Tk 500MB Internet

Gp 500 mb internet 5tk. Grameenphone New Internet Offer 2018.  Now, Grameenphone customers are offering 500 MB internet at only 5 taka.  To take the offer, download Wowbox Apps on your mobile.  After that you can take it. The offer is valid for 2 days. You can take this offer another Chance. There are no… Read More »

GP Internet offer | Grameenphone 1.5GB Internet only 29Tk (7 Day)

gp internet offer. Grameenphone 1.5 GB of internet only 29Tk.  Gp Internet Offer 2019.  Now, Grameenphone gets a great internet pack at 29 taka. This offer is available for Grameenphone subscribers. Dial * 121 * 5040 # to avail the 1.5 GB offer at GP 29Tk. Internet validity is 7 days. This offer can be… Read More »

Grameenphone 1.5 GB Internet 229Tk (28 Day) | GP Internet offer 2018

Grameenphone Internet Offer 2018.  GP customers will get 1.5 GB of internet only at  229Tk.  Grameenphone’s great internet pack Stay in touch with the Elman Network of Bangladesh. Dial * 121 * 3027 # to use the 1.5 GB internet pack in Grameenphone at 299. Internet term is 28 days. The offer can be used… Read More »

Grameenphone 1GB Internet 12Tk | GP 12Tk 1GB offer 2018

Grameenphone 1 GB internet is only 12 Tk. The biggest offer at this time. GP great Internet Offer 2018. Gp1 GB internet pack. Now, to get 12 Tk 1 GB offer in Grameenphone, dial * 121 * 3235 #. Internet validity is 4 hours. Dial * 121 * 1 * 4 # for Internet Balance.… Read More »

Grameenphone 1GB Internet Only 22Tk | GP offer 2018

Grameenphone 1gb Best internet offer.  GP Internet Offer 2018.  Now Grameenphone gets 1 GB internet at only 22 Tk. To START this offer Dial * 121 * 5036 # to avail the offer at 1 GB @ 22Tk. Validity 16 hours.  Useful at any time. I received this offer (Screenshot). This offer is a great… Read More »

Grameenphone 1GB Internet 29Tk | GP Internet offer 2018

Grameenphone 1Gb Internet Offer 2018. Now GP has a great internet offer. Grameenphone 1 GB internet at only 29 taka.  Great Internet Pack at the time. Dial * 5020 * 2213 # to take 1 GB 29 taka. Expiry 24 hours. It’s useful to use the offer at any time. Good download and browsing is… Read More »

Grameenphone 145MB Internet 15Tk | GP offer 2018 | GP new offer

Grameenphone Internet Offer.  GP 145 MB internet only 15 Tk.  This offer is very important.  Great Internet Offer Dial * 121 * 3846 # to avail this offer. Internet validity is 3 days. The offer is 145 MB internet pack with only 15 Tk. Internet speed is very good. Grameenphone offer 2018 গ্রামীনফোন ইন্টারনেট অফার।… Read More »

Grameenphone 200MB Internet Only 3Tk | GP internet offer 2019

Grameenphone now 3Tk  has 200 MB of Internet.  Great Internet Offer 2019.  To take this offer for 200mb at 3tk , you must first download Dowload MyGP App.  Dowload will require registration with your SIM number. You can then enjoy the offer. internet validity 2 Day. How to get the GP offer below: You can… Read More »

Grameenphone 3GB Internet Only 148Tk | GP internet offer 2018

Grameenphone new internet offer.  Now GP 3 GB internet is 148 Tk.  This offer can be availed by all customers. Dial * 121 * 3262 # to take this internet pack. Internet validity is 7 days. Offer is good for speed. 3G and 4G SIM can be used. GP 148 pa3 GB internet pack. Offer… Read More »

Grameenphone 2GB Internet 38Tk | Gp Internet Offer 2018

GP 2gb Internet at 38tk. GP Internet Offer 2018. Now Grameenphone subscribers will get Tk 38 for 2 GB internet. All customers can used. Take this offer Dial * 121 * 3242 # to take GP 2 GB 38Tk. Or recharge 38 Tk. Internet time is 2 days. . This offer is the Grameenphone regular… Read More »

Grameenphone 1GB Internet at 21Tk | GP Internet Offer 2018

GP 1gb Internet 21tk offer.  Grameenphone 1 GB Internet 21 Tk.  Grameenphone’s Great Internet Offer 2018.  Take this internet  offer  dial * 5020 * 3335 #.  Internet time is 7 days. Offer the highest one time. Internet offers can be used in 3G, 4G SIM. I used the offer. See the screenshot below. Gp internet… Read More »

Grameenphone 100MB Internet Only 56Tk (30 Day) | GP Internet Offer 2018

Gp mb offer 2018.  Grameenphone Common Internet Offer.  Now, Grameenphone gets just 100 MB internet at 56tk.  Dial * 121 * 3005 # to avail the 100 MB offer at Grameenphone 56. The offer will be valid for 30 days.  This offer can be used by all Grameenphone customers.  You can take the internet offer… Read More »