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Banglalink 1GB Internet 17Tk (30 Day) | BL 17Tk 1GB Pack | Internet offer 2018

Banglalink Internet Offer.  Now, at just 17 taka get 1 gb internet.  A great internet pack.  Banglalink 1 GB internet at 17 taka Dial * 5000 * 52 7 # to avail the offer. The internet pack is valid for 30 days. To know the balance, dial * 124 * 14 #. Banglalink  Best Internet… Read More »

Banglalink Bondho SIM Offer ! 3GB Internet 42Tk | Reactivate amazing offer

Banglalink Bondho Sim Offer. Banglalink shutdown will get 3gb internet access.  3 GB internet price is 42 taka.  All customers can enjoy banglalink off seam offer. Turning off SIM, additional expansion! Enjoy your closed Banglalink connection Enjoy mobile packs for the longest term in Banglalink.  Take for the offer dial * 132 * 942 #… Read More »

Banglalink 3GB @ 42Tk | BL 42Tk @ 3GB | Banglalink Internet Offer 2018

Banglalink 3 GB internet at 42 Tk.  Great Internet Offer 2018  for BL Customers .  Banglalink gets 4 GB of 3G internet Champions champions for more than all the time.  All customers will be able to enjoy the offer for Dial * 5000 * 42 # to take this pack of Banglalink . Internet time is… Read More »

1GB Internet 17Tk Banglalink | BL 17Tk 1GB Internet | Banglalink Internet offer

Banglalink 1 GB internet 17tk.  Best internet offer 2018. Bl 1GB 17tk.  All banglalink  offer receive 1 GB internet at only 17tk.  Banglalink 1GB Internet 17tk  take this offer  dial* 5000 * 14 #.  BL 1 GB internet  at 17 taka. or recharge 17 Tk. Expiry 24 hours. There will be no bat. Offer details:… Read More »

Banglalink 40 Minute 25MB 25 SMS @ 24Tk | Banglalink Bundle Offer 2018

Banglalink Bundle Offer 2018. Banglalink 40 Minute 25MB 25 SMS @ 24Tk.   BL Minute Offer 2018.  Banglalink 40 minutes to only 24 Tk.  This offer used by all customers. Take this offer just Dial * 1100 * 4 #  banglalink customers only,  for the 25 minutes of banglalink at 14tk and recharge at 14 taka. with… Read More »

Banglalink 25 Minute @ 14Tk | Banglalink Minute Offer 2018

Banglalink 25 Minute 14Tk.  BL Minute Offer 2018. Banglalink 25 minutes to only 14 Tk.  This offer used by all customers. Take this offer just Dial * 1100 * 3 #  banglalink customers only,  for the 25 minutes of banglalink at 14tk and recharge at 14 taka. Mayed 24 hours. To check balance, dial * 121 * 35… Read More »

Banglalink 3GB Internet 99Tk | BL 99Tk 3GB Internet – Banglalink Offer

Banglalink 3 GB internet offer. Bl Eid 99tk 3gb Internet Offer! Now Banglalink is going to offer Eid amazon 2018.  Banglalink subscribers receive 1.5 GB + 1.5 GB internet at just 99 tk. This offer will be subscribed below customers. But with the 1.5 GB internet, the bonus is 1.5 GB internet, a total of… Read More »

Banglalink 400MB Internet 47Tk (30 Day) | Banglalink Internet Offer

Banglalink Internet Offer. Banglalink 400 MB internet at 47 Tk.  BL 400 MB internet is 47 Tk, this is a great offer of banglalink. The offer is available for Banglalink subscribers. Take this offer Recharge 47Tk  to receive the Internet offer.   Mayed 30 days. You can take as much time as possible. Offer for a limited… Read More »

Banglalink 1GB Internet Only 49Tk | BL 49Tk 1GB Internet | Banglalink Offer

Banglalink 1 GB internet 49 Tk. Banglalink customers will get this offer.  Bl New internet offer. Dial * 5000 * 588 # to avail the offer. 500MB Mini Pack and 500 MB Internet Bonus Offer. Internet offer validity 7 days. Offer for the occasion of this Eid.  The internet offer used at any time. There… Read More »

Banglalink 100MB Internet Only 5Tk | Bl New Internet offer

Banglalink 100 MB internet at 5 tk .  This is bl  great internet offer. You can take this offer multiple times.  Take this offer 100MB of banglalink internet 5tk Now dial  * 5000 * 62621 #  . The offer is valid for 7 days. The offer can be used at any time. Terms: To activate… Read More »

Banglalink 5GB Internet 499Tk (30 day) | Banglalink Monthly Internet Pack

Banglalink Monthly Internet Offer.  Banglalink 5 GB internet at  499tk.  This offer is banglalink’s high volume pack. This is a popular internet pack 2018. 5 GB Internet 499tk.  This offer is available to all Banglalink subscribers. This offer is the highest speed internet offer in Banglalink. Dial 5000 * 508 # to take 5 GB… Read More »

Banglalink Amar Offer | Banglalink Current Offer | BL internet offer

Banglalink Current Offer. 12 types of people like 13. Banglaling has come up with 13 types of people offering 12 types of offers. Dial * 888 # to know what is the current offer for banglalink. Offer Details: Dial * 888 # to see the specific offers. Currently only Banglalink Prepaid and Call & Control… Read More »

Banglalink Bondho SIM Offer 2018 | Banglalink Bondho SIM 12GB Internet 23Tk

Banglalink bondho sim offer 2018. BL Bondho sim offer.  Banglalink closed sim offer 2018. Now bl off limits offers great offer. Turning off the limitation Internet up to 12 GB Off limit will be to recharge this offer at  23tk .  Internet recharge up to 23tk  in banglalink closed limit up to 12 GB  or … Read More »

Banglalink New SIM Offer 2018 | Banglalink 1GB Internet 33Tk

Banglalink  new SIM offer 2018.  Those who will buy new SIM to banglalink, they will be able to enjoy this offer. A new Banglalink prepaid SIM free offer. The voice or internet offer has been renewed. Banglalink customers can buy SIM, first to recharge 48tk. In your new connection, you will get a recharge of… Read More »