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Airtel 40 Minute Only 23Tk | Airtel Minute Offer 2018

Airtel minute offer 2018.  Now Airtel subscribers receive only 23 Tk only 40 minutes. For all customers of  Airtel who prefer to buy bundle offer, it will be 40 minutes for only 23 Tk. With 80 more SMS and 23 MB internet. Dial * 123 * 23 # to take the minute offer. Or recharge… Read More »

Airtel 2GB Internet at 52Tk | Airtel 52Tk 2GB internet | Airtel offer 2018

Airtel 2 GB Internet Offer 2018.  Now the airtel 2 GB internet is just 52Tk.  Airtel brings new internet offer to customers.  To avail 2 GB internet at Tk 52, Dial * 123 * 052 # or recharge Tk 52. This package can be used by all customers. The internet offer is valid for 4… Read More »

Airtel 250MB Internet 50Tk (7 day) | Airtel Internet offer 2018

Airtel Internet Offer.  Now Airtel will get 250 MB internet at only 50 taka. This package used all customers.  Airtel 250 MB Internet 50Tk for Dial * 121 * 5003 # to avail internet offer.  Expiry 7 days. The pack can be used at any time within 24 hours. Can download and browse এয়ারটেল ইন্টারনেট… Read More »

Airtel 250MB Internet 4Tk | Airtel Internet offer 2018

Airtel  great internet offer.  Now  250 MB internet at 4 Tk.  Valid for 4 hours. This offer enjoyed by those who have Airtel Apps installed. Download from Goolge Palystore and register with mobile number. After completing the registration, you see the following menu. If you go down by clicking on Hot Deals, you can see… Read More »

Airtel 3GB Internet Only 38Tk | Airtel 38 tk @3GB data offer | Airtel Offer 2019

Airtel 3G  internet at 38 Tk.  Airtel is running a great internet offer. This offer can be availed by all customers. Recharge of 38 taka to take 3 GB internet pack. Internet time is 2 days. The offer is 2 GB 3G network and 1GB Internet 4G SIM. The offer can run 24 hours a… Read More »

Airtel 1GB Internet 9Tk | Airtel 9Tk 1GB Internet | Airtel Offer 2018

Airtel 1GB Internet 9Tk.  Airtel subscribers get threat internet offer.  Airtel customers are getting 1 GB internet at just 9 Tk  for the Sports Package. This offer can be availed only by the customers. Dial * 321 * 2 * 1 # to get 1 GB of internet at 9 AM. This offer is with… Read More »

Airtel 512MB Internet 9Tk | Airtel 9Tk @512MB internet- Airtel internet offer

Airtel Internet Offer 2018.  Airtel 512 MB Internet at 9 tk.   Great Internet Offer.  This offer can be availed by Airtel customers. MyPlan Apps download  to take the Internet Pack . Duration of 24 hour. s Any time customers can enjoy Spreed the Internet. How to avail the offer: – First of all you… Read More »

Airtel 100MB Internet Only 20Tk ( 7 day) | Airtel Internet Offer

Airtel 100mb internet 20tk.  Airtel 100MB internet is only 20 Tk.  Now the airtel is 100 MB internet at only 20 taka. Dial * 121 * 771 # to avail this internet offer. Internet time is 7 days.  This offer used by all customers.  This offer is only for Airtel customers. Terms: Airtel offers this… Read More »

Airtel 512MB Internet Only 45TK 7Days | Airtel New offer

Airtel Internet Offer.  Airtel 512 mb  internet only 45 Tk.  Now Airtel has 512 MB internet at only 45 taka. To avail this internet offer, dial * 123 * 0451 #.  Internet time is 7 days. The offer can be used at any time within 24 hours. This offer can be used by all Airtel… Read More »

Airtel 4GB Internet Only 179Tk (7 Days) | Airtel Offer 2018

Airtel internet offer 2018. Airtel 4 GB internet only 179tk 7 days.  Best offer this years.  Gets this weekly offer just Dial *123*179# or recharge 179tk. Internet mayed 7 day. এয়ারটেল ইন্টারনেট অফার 2018. এয়ারটেল 4 জিবি ইন্টারনেট মাত্র 179 টাকা 7 দিন। এই সাপ্তাহিক অফারটি শুধু ডায়াল করুন *123 * 179# বা রিচার্জ 179টাকা।… Read More »

Airtel 45MB Interent Only 10Tk | Airtel 10Tk 45MB Internet- Airtel offer

Airtel 45 mb internet 10tk.  Airtel Internet Offer.  Now you can get 45 MB internet at just 10 tk.   Airtel will get 45 MB internet offer for 10 tk * 121 * 782 #. Internet validity is 1 day. The offer  used at any time within 24 hours. This offer used by all Airtel… Read More »

Airtel 30MB Internet Only 10Tk | Airtel 10Tk 30MB Internet- Airtel offer 2018

Airtel Internet Offer 2018.  Now at Airtel  30 MB internet at only 10 tk.  Airtel will receive 30MB internet offer at 10 tk  * 121 * 781 #. Internet time is 2 days.  airtel  offer  used 24 hours.  This offer can be used by all customers. This offer is only for Airtel customers. Terms: Airtel… Read More »

Robi Youtube Pack 200MB Internet 9Tk | Robi Youtube Pack

Robi Youtube Pack 2018. Robi can get 200 MB internet at just 9 tk.  Dial * 123 * 200 # to take 200 MB internet pack in 9tk .  Just for youtube Validity 1 day. This internet pack is available to all Robi subscribers. The internet can be used at any time. Details: This offer… Read More »

Airtel 300MB Internet 29Tk | Airtel 29Tk 300MB Internet | Airtel offer bd

Airtel Internet Offer 2018.  airtel 300mb internet at only 29 tk.  All customers of Airtel will be able to avail the offer. Dial * 123 * 025 # to avail 300 MB of Airtel at 29 taka. Or recharge 29 taka The offer is valid for 3 days. The internet pack will be able to… Read More »