SSC Result 2020 Comilla Board with Marksheet

ssc result 2020 comilla board

SSC Result 2020 Comilla Board online Check out. SSC All Education Boards result in Bangladesh will be published at a time. 

Here we are provide all methods to check SSC Result 2020 Comilla Board. Don’t worry just follow our all steps.

Results will be available on the Bangladesh Education Board website and with Mark-sheet here also available. Every student will be able to collect results from this website.

SSC Result 2020 Published Date :

31st May, 2020

Check SSC Result 2020 Now :

There are many way to check SSC Result 2020 Comilla Board online. We are discuss here all way how to check SSC Result 2020? So, Let’s start. Check given below all methods and steps.

First Method :

  1. Go to this website ( <= Click Now )
  2. So now you have see many option now time to full fill all option.
  3. Examination : Select SSC/Dhakil
  4. Year : Select 2020
  5. Board : Select Your Board Comilla
  6. Roll : Provide Your Roll
  7. Reg. No : Provide Your Registration Number
  8. Solve Math : Example – 1+9 = 10
  9. Now time to get your result click Submit

ssc result 2020 Education Board Bangladesh

Second Method :

  1.  Go to this website ( <= Click Now )
  2. So now you have see many option now time to full fill all option.
  3. Examination : Select SSC/Dhakil
  4. Year : Select 2020
  5. Board : Select Your Board
  6. Result Type : Select Individual Result
  7. Roll : Provide Your Roll
  8. Registration : Provide Your Registration Number
  9. Security Key : Type security key Example – teadish ( Type like this key on empty field )
  10. Now time to get your result click Get Result 

ssc result 2020 eboard results

Third Method :

Check your school all SSC Result 2020. You can check this result fast. You can check result all SSC students on your school. This result you can check fast. But you just see point. And also check how many students pass, GPA 5 and fail.  

  1. First go to this link
  2. Select your Board – Comilla
  3. Provide your school EIIN
  4. Click Get Result  

ssc result 2020 institutes result

Check SSC Result 2020 Comilla Board by SMS :

SSC <Space> COM <Space> SSC Roll  < Space> 2020 to Send 16222

SSC Result 2020 GPA/Point and Letter System :

Marks Range Grade Points Letter Grade
80 to 100 Marks5.00A+
70 to 79 Marks4.00A
60 to 69 Marks3.50A-
50 to 59 Marks3.00B
40 to 49 Marks2.00C
33 to 39 Marks1.00D
0 to 32 Marks0.00F

Organization Results by EIIN Number:

Presently SSC exam results are very easily addressed to all school results. This method has made it easy for our Education Board website. If you want to collect the results of a school then go to official website of Education Board <>. Enter the school EIIN number and Select the Board, then click Submit Button.

The results of the entire organization will be shown as a PDF. And this PDF Format can be downloaded and printed. Through this, all students result are available simultaneously.

SSC Result 2020 Comilla Board:

Comilla Board is the top Education Board of Bangladesh. Comilla is oldest city in Bangladesh. Comilla education boards is setup with six big Zilla, Comilla, B-Baria, Feni, Chandpur, Noakhali & Laxmipur.Since the independence of 1971, these six zilla made an education board as Comilla Education Board.

All the educational institutions have more than 2 to 3 lakh students are studying in this educational institute in the area of Comilla Education Board.The Comilla Education Board is located in the city of Comilla.

However, lakhs of students from the Comilla Education Board currently attend the SSC examination in 2020. So, now time to check ssc result 2020 comilla board fast.Comilla students participate in JSC, SSC and HSC examinations. Comilla students are not behind the merit list.

About 1 to 2 million students will participate in the examination at 01 February 2020.After this test, results will be published within 60 days after ending the exam. Waiting for SSC exam results Comilla board <> Go to the web site to know the results of the students.

After going to the website, you will see a link given to SSC Result 2020 Comilla Board.Go there and click on your Roll number – 252511 and registration number-121121222 with the click on “Result” button.

Then you can find out the results. They can also know the result with the message from the mobile message. For this, your mobile will be charged 2.44 tk balances. See the following example –

SSC <Space> COM <Space> SSC Roll – 25250 <Space> 2020 to Send 16222

Madrasah Education Board Result 2020The main religion of Bangladesh is Islam. Islam has set up the madrasa education board to accept the teachings of the beloved people of Islam and the dreadful education.About 2 million students in Madrasah studied in this country under the Madrasah Education Board.

The main board for this education system has been set up by “Dhaka Madrasah Education Board”.Under this, there is a complete submission of all the tests in Bangladesh. Thousands of Madrasah students participate. At the time of participating in the examination, students should along with admission card and necessary documents. Check ssc result 2020 comilla board fast.

The result of the this Board can get within 45-60 days. To get this result, you need to access the website in the middle of the Madrasah Education Board Online. Website name ( ). First enter this website and click on Home Menu.Then you can find Dahkil Result 2020 from the Catgory Option.

Click on it and click on Submit button with Roll Number – 151223 and Registration Number – 1223366666.Then you will get results and the Marksheet will remain. Or you can learn through the mobile message. Go to the message option of mobile (  ). Mobile charge will be cut at Tk 2.45. Message will not be available on your mobile.

SSC <Space>MAD <Space> SSC Roll – 25250 <Space> 2020 to Send 16222

Technical Education Board (TEB) Result 2020:Directorate of Bangladesh Technical Education Board, Department of Technical Education and Madrasa Education Department, Department of Education, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.It was established in 1960 to create skilled human resources through expansion and improvement of technical education.

Thousands of students have gained knowledge in this education system. In the last half of the century many branches of technical education and administration have spread over.Every district and police station has set up a technical institution in one place. Here comes the knowledge thirsty boy Mayor education.

The final test is scheduled every year.Students wait for test results and prepared for final examination. The Final Examination results were published on the Bangladesh Education Board website.Extensive online results are available through online.

To get this result on the web site please visit the official website <>. After leaving, an option pub called Result.Please select SSC (Vocational), Passing Year-(2020), Select – Technical Board, Roll No- 123456, Registration Number- 1122334455 & Security Code Answer- Type for Submit Button. Result will get after this. Through the mobile phone you may also know the result via sms .

To find out, see the information provided below -\We hope you check your ssc result 2020 comilla board easily. 


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