GP Bondho SIM offer 2020 – GP Off SIM 5GB 43 Taka (7 days)

gp bondho sim offer
gp bondho sim offer

Dear friends, today I will talk to you about GP Bondho SIM offer 2020 in detail. How can you buy GP off SIM offer? GP released the Bondho SIM offer a few days ago on their official website. We have collected the GP Bondho SIM offer for you here.

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Back to GP Friendly Connection, in fact, you are getting excellent internet, minute and collateral offers. Only hopeful customers will be able to enjoy these wonderful internet, minute and collateral offers back at GP. Besides, there are other interesting offers on the Internet.

Details  Total Price Activation Validity
5GB (Internet) Tk. 43 Recharge 43 Tk 30 days
3GB+100 Min + 48 P/S Tk. 101 Recharge 101 Tk 30 days
48 Minute Tk. 28 Recharge 28 Tk 30 days

GP Bondho SIM offer 2020:

Grameenphone is one of the most popular mobile network service company in Bangladesh. The company began its journey in 1997 in this country. Since then, they have been offering the cheapest attractive internet offers to the customers. Moreover, Grameenphone is offering all the internet and minute offers for its customers.

How to check GP Bondho SIM offer?

You read this information seriously to find out if your SIM is subject to a friend connection. This offer is applicable only for customers who have not been active on Grameenphone network since November 3, 2019. Or check Bondho SIM offer, dial *121*5300#

We will discuss all the offers of GP Bondho SIM here. How do you buy all the great offers at a cheap price. Those issues will be discussed here. We hope that your accompanying GP will take on the amazing offers of Friend Connect.

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GP 5GB Internet 43 Taka:

GP has released 5GB internet offer for returning customers. You can buy this 5 GB internet offer for only 43 Taka. If you want to buy this data offer you will need to recharge. Remember, your prepaid SIM must be under close connection. If you are not covered by a closed connection you will not be able to buy the excellent internet offer. You will need to recharge this offer for 43 Taka.

  • This offer will be available only to those who have not joined the GP network since November 3, 2019.
  • The Internet Offer expires 07 days.
  • The offer will remain in effect until further notice.
  • Auto renew does not apply.
  • This offer does not apply to Skitto customers.
  • Customers will be able to avail the offer only once during the campaign.
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Special Call Rate Offer:

GP also offers a special collateral offer with Bondho Connection. This offer is the cheapest of all call rates. If you would like to enjoy this wonderful offer then come back to GP.

  • Fast recharges 101 Taka, enjoy 48 poisa sesond, 3GB Internet & 100 Minutes offer.
  • All customers have to recharge a certain amount of money to get this offer.
  • You can talk to any local number (GP-GP, GP-other operator) at the same price.
  • During the offer, this special call rate will be applicable for regular package tariff, super FNF, FNF.
  • This special call rate does not apply to purchased minutes, bonus minutes, bonus amounts and emergency balances. The first purchased minutes, the bonus minutes, the bonus amount and the emergency balance will be used then the special collateral will be launched.
  • After the expiry of the special call rate, the customer will return to the previous offer / package.
  • Dial * 121 * 1 * 2 # to find out the duration of this offer
  • The offer is applicable for a fixed period.
  • You can take this offer once.
  • GP Bondho SIM offer 2020
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48 Minutes 28 Taka offer:

GP Bondho SIM is offering with 48 minutes for just 28 Taka. Those who come back to GP will be able to enjoy this minute offer of excellent cheap price. If you want to use the attractive minute offer, then Grameenphone restarts the connection. Then you can buy the 48 minute offer for 28 Taka.

  • Offer prices including supplemental tariffs, VAT and surcharges.
  • The purchased minutes can be used at any local operator.
  • Customers can have 48 minutes (GP – at any local operator).
  • Minutes can be used for 30 days and 24 hours a day.
  • If a customer has remaining minutes at the expiration date, they will be canceled.
  • However, if a customer repurchases before the expiry, then the residual minutes will be added and more time will be paid.
  • Customers will need to dial * 121 * 1 * 2 # to find the remaining minutes balance.
  • A 10 second pulse applies to a boy call.
  • You can only call anywhere within the country.
  • GP Bondho SIM offer 2020 right pack.
  • This offer does not apply to Skitto customers.
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