Airtel All Internet Packages 2019 | Airtel Internet Offer 2019

airtel internet package 2019

Airtel internet offer 2019.¬†Airtel all internet¬† is available here. Amazing Airtel Offer find here. This year’s most interesting internet pack here you find. Airtel provide great offer .

3GB Facebook Instagram Offer
Validity: 15Days
Recharge 12Tk or Dial *123*012#

Airtel 1GB PUBG Browse Pack
Validity: 30Days 33Tk
Dial *123*033#
For internet balance Dial *3# or *8444*88#

Airtel 1.5GB (Only 4G Usable) 22Tk Offer
Validity: 3Days 22Tk
Dial *123*022#

Airtel 1GB 29Tk Offer
Validity: 3Days
Recharge 29Tk or Dial *123*025#.

Airtel 2GB 38Tk Offer
Validity: 3Days
Recharge 38Tk or Dial *123*038#

Airtel 3GB (2GB Regular + 1GB 4G) 44Tk Offer
Validity: 3Days
Recharge 44Tk or Dial *123*044#

Airtel 3GB 59Tk Offer
Validity: 5Days
Recharge 59Tk or Dial *123*059#

Airtel 512MB 45Tk Offer
Validity: 7Days
Recharge 45Tk or Dial *123*045#

Airtel 1GB 49Tk Offer
Validity: 7Days
Recharge 49Tk or Dial *123*049#

Airtel 1.5GB 89Tk Offer
Validity: 7Days
Recharge 89Tk or Dial *123*089#

Airtel 1.5GB + 60min 98Tk Offer
Validity: 7Days
Recharge 98Tk or Dial *123*098#

Airtel 4GB(2GB Regular + 2GB 4G) 104Tk Offer
Validity: 7Days
Recharge 104Tk or Dial *123*104#

Airtel 7GB 129Tk Offer
Validity: 7Days
Recharge 129Tk or Dial *123*129#

Airtel 5GB 159Tk Offer.
Validity: 10Days
Recharge 159Tk or Dial *123*159#

Airtel 7GB 179Tk Offer
Validity: 10Days
Recharge 179Tk or Dial *123*179#

Airtel 1GB + 150min 148Tk Offer
Validity: 30Days
Recharge 148Tk (Min Check *778*3#)

Airtel 2GB 209Tk Offer
Validity: 30Days
Recharge 209Tk or Dial *123*209#

Airtel 7GB 498Tk Offer
Validity: 30Days
Recharge 498Tk or Dial *123*498#

Airtel 3GB 44Tk Offer
Validity: 3 Days.
Dial *123*044#
Dial *3# to check internet balance.

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