Malaysia Visa Check Status Online BY Passport Number [Update 2020 ]


Malaysia Visa Check Status Online by Passport Number. How Check for Malaysia visa check by passport number or Birth Data , Malaysia work visa check online, Malaysia Student visa check online and immigration Malaysia check work permit then you are right place.

Here we inform you details about Malaysia visa check by passport number. We will show you how to check Malaysia visa status online for Students and worker.

Malaysia visa check online by passport number. In Malay, Kementerian Pengajin Tinggi Malysia (The Ministry of Higher Education) grants approval to institutions to carry out various courses and Kemanterian Hal Ehwal Malaysia (Ministry of Home Affairs Licences) Approved institutions to recruit international students. Malaysia is congregating 2% global populations of international students with maximizing rate 6% inbound mobile scholars in the country.

Malaysia Visa Check 2020 by Passport Number

We introduce you few essential information on immigration for international students who want to look for their higher education in Malaysia as well as live in Malaysia. In 2011, UNESCO reports that Malaysia was the hostage of about 63,625 students worldwide and the number has increased from the past years.

International students are only allowed to study at public or private higher educational institutions in Malaysia. It is important to note that international Students can study only these public or private universities which are approved by two authorities.

And Institution selection is very important decision for a foreign student which university they want to get admission.

Malaysia Student Visa Check Online 2019

Now there are more than 400 universities in Malaysia. Only 2016 universities among them have permission by the Immigration Department to enlist international students for tertiary education.

There are two kinds of universities in Malaysia, like- public University and private University. All public universities can enlist international students as well.

How to check Malaysia Visa Status Online :

The only one website of Immigration in Malaysia are given bellow where you can check you Malaysia Visa and Approval Letter’s issue date & expired date.

As of becoming the most preferred study destination worldwide, they have set up a proper visa checking process often called Malaysia visa check system online.

The body is keeping up by Malaysia Immigration Authorities and Ministry of Home Affairs Malaysia, provided that the students can check their visas validity and authenticity from a likely source online.

malaysai visa check

For professional work permit visa! which is called dp10 visa, then – Click this link for Malaysia dp10 Visa status check here.

malaysia visa

Or if you are searching for Malaysia Employment Pass (which is also dp11 visa Malaysia) dp11 visa Check here.

This point is intended for those students who are interested to go for study in Malaysia or who are already studying or had applied in some Malaysia University and do not know how to check their Malaysia Visa Validity position via online.

Malaysia Visa Check by Passport Number –

Open the official page of Malaysian Immigration and head over to e services. Students can directly go to Embassy’s website and Enter Passport Number in the field called No. Dokumen’ select your country from the drop down menu called “Warganegrara” and press ‘Carin’.

malaysia visa check by passport number

Requirements & Step to Study Malaysia:

Select your preferable University where you want to get admission and contact with the university’s international admission office by online as email or phone.

Submit application form together with the relevant documents, like- all Academic Certificate & Transcripts (Scan from Original), Passport with all BIO data page etc. After submitting your application, university will provide you a complete offers letter.

Offer letter is the accepted application (approval letter) of student’s by the educational institution that help to apply for a student pass at the Malaysia Immigration Department in Malaysia (except for students from the PRC).

  • Then student’s application for visa Approval letter (VAL) will submit to the Malaysia Immigration Department for approval.
  • After received the application, Ministry of Immigration Malaysia will analyze the date provided. Information of the student will be updated in the Immigration database and be visible in their website at the same within few hours of submission.
  • After getting VAL (Visa Approval Letter) from Malaysia Immigration Department the student have fo face Malaysia Embassy of native country for getting visa marker passport.
  • Before living country for Malaysia Student must have to inform the educational institution of their port of entry (airport), Flight number, arrival date & time.
  • The association university will pick up you from airport and educational institution will submit within 2 weeks student’s passport to the Immigration Department of attach the Student pass sticker. This process will complete within 6 to 8 weeks.

N B: If you are pursuing your higher education in Malaysia you need to have a valid study visa (student pass) with you. So, make sure to run a visa check online before leaving your home country.

Malaysia Work Permit Visa Check Online by Passport Number –

You will be come back with a result, if the ministry of immigration Malaysia has your record with them. Here they can find application number, date of application submission, citizenship, type visa and validity date etc. GP internet offer 2019

If student do not know Malay Language, they can get website translated in English or your local language. After translating the Malaysian Immigration website from Malay Language into English language ( To get understand easily, install an auto-translate plug-in into browser and can automatically the website in native/chosen language with the ease) the above results will look something like this-

“Once you received your approval letter from your multitude university there in Malaysia, Visa check is the next step. I recommend you to stay tuned and visit the Immigration website occasionally”.

When your application is in their hands, its record will be available for you on the web with no delay.

You will get all important education information, Malaysia student visa information and hoe to check Malaysia visa status online from our website, Facebook fan page ect. So, Visit as well.


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